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2.20.17 - Come What May and Love It

Hello Everyone! 

This past week was pretty awesome, as every week has been :) The mission is great and I love it so much here. This past week we had interviews with President Avila and his sweet wife. I love them so much. The interviews are always getting better because I understand Spanish more and more each time, and it's just awesome.  With Hermana Avila, she asked us to imagine ourselves as investigators and think about our progress (but as missionaries). How are you progressing? What changes have you made? How are you using the Atonement of Christ everyday in your life? How have you improved? As I thought about these questions, I thought about the past few months here in Mexico and my experiences as a missionary... I want to invite all of you to ask yourselves these questions, and think about your personal progression as a disciple of Jesus Christ.  I promise that the Spirit will testify to your heart as it did to mine.  I felt the love Heavenly Father has for me, and how he w…

2.15.17 - Hola Amigos!!

Hello everybody!

So sorry I didn´t get a written email sent out last week. It was kind of crazy.  And the time we`re given just flies by haha. We are doing awesome here in good ol Chilpo.  I love my area so much and I love the people. Everyday it`s getting a little bit hotter, and the work just keeps getting better and better. I love getting to serve the Lord at this time, and I love the people I´m serving with.  Just lots of love!! :) And the food is wonderful. hahha at this point, I can handle the spicy foods a lot better than my companion... and she´s from El Salvador. I´m not entirely sure how spicy they like the food there, but she doesn´t like too much spicy here. So that keeps it interesting :)  Oh my heavens, one of the members here makes tacos in the evening for a living and hoooooly smokies. Literally the best tacos I have ever had in my whole life.  SO GOOD. just had to share that with you :)
The past couple of weeks have been wonderful. We´ve been teaching lots of people, …

2.6.17 - Fotos


This last week was awesome! A little slow on new investigators, but we had some really powerful lessons with a couple of our less actives. And we talked to a police officer! He's looking for religion and God and said that this gospel is exactly what he needs. But he lives outside of our area. :( So we have to give him to the other missionaries. But it's all good, just as long as he comes to Christ. :) 

Sorry, don't have time to send a bigger email. Here are some pictures though :)
Spiritual Thought: Mosiah 2:41. Super awesome scripture that I love :) 
Love you all! I will write more next week!! Love you all!!! 
Love, Hermana Brinton

01.30.17 - Don't Forget to Pray

Hola de Mexico! 
I hope you all are doing great :) 
This past week was pretty awesome. We had a meeting with our Presidente and he shared some incredible things with us.  It was for my generation of missionaries, just to see how we're doing, and to give us some more advice on how we can be the best missionaries we can be.  I also got to play the piano for it, both were hymns I had never heard of before so that was an adventure. A very rough one at that. But the meeting was incredible. I learned so many things, and how to become an even better missionary.  My testimony of prayer continues to grow and grow more each day, and I know without a doubt that He hears us when we pray with our hearts.  I am so grateful for the love and comfort we can receive by offering our hearts to him.  
My companion and I had some awesome, and super spiritual bonding moments this past week which is always the greatest thing ever.  I love her to pieces and I am so grateful for her. Everyday we learn how to …