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01.30.17 - Don't Forget to Pray

Hola de Mexico! 

I hope you all are doing great :) 

This past week was pretty awesome. We had a meeting with our Presidente and he shared some incredible things with us.  It was for my generation of missionaries, just to see how we're doing, and to give us some more advice on how we can be the best missionaries we can be.  I also got to play the piano for it, both were hymns I had never heard of before so that was an adventure. A very rough one at that. But the meeting was incredible. I learned so many things, and how to become an even better missionary.  My testimony of prayer continues to grow and grow more each day, and I know without a doubt that He hears us when we pray with our hearts.  I am so grateful for the love and comfort we can receive by offering our hearts to him.  

My companion and I had some awesome, and super spiritual bonding moments this past week which is always the greatest thing ever.  I love her to pieces and I am so grateful for her. Everyday we learn how to teach better, and how to help each other more and more. 

We're trying to work together with the ward to reactivate the less actives... which there are a lot of. Like a lot. But we have a two or three couples that want to make it to the temple together! Which is super exciting! :D They have been coming to church every Sunday, and two of them received callings which they're super excited about. We taught one of them this last week, and he is really excited to take his wife to the temple. He has such a desire to learn more about the gospel... We can see the changes in his countenance already. It's incredible! :) We shared with him the video "Good things to come" by Jeffery R. Holland. (It's also one of my favorites, so if you haven't seen it, I would like to invite you all to watch it. And "Mountains to Climb", that one makes me cry every time) He loved the video and shared with us his feelings about it.  I know he has a testimony, because we can feel the spirit so strongly when he shares it.  

We also had an activity with one of the other areas this past week.  And we taught 5 less actives, and holy smokies was the spirit powerful.  I don't think we've had a day were the spirit was as powerful as it was that day.... All of the lessons were incredible, and I learned so much. 
This past week we've been focusing on developing more the charity and love of Christ, and I think that has really helped in all of our teaching. The more we have allowed the love of Christ to fill our hearts, the easier it is to understand and know the needs of the people we teach, and it's easier to listen to the promptings of the spirit.  

I love all of you so much, and I am so grateful for all of you! 

Love you all!!! 

Love, Hermana Brinton

P.S. Here are some pictures :) 

Our area

 We bought camisas de Mexico

 A couple members and our zone leaders


  1. How nice to see photos of you in Mexico and to hear of your wonderful spiritual experiences. Joyce Rodriguez of Springville.


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