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3.27.17 - Fotos porque no tengo tiempo (Pictures cause I don't have time)

Hello Fam and Friends! 

I am so sorry I don't have much time to write today, but here are a couple pictures :) 
We're alive and doing well here in Chilpancingo, I love it and I love my companion. We get along great hahah :) 
Always praying for you! 
Don't forget to watch conference this week. The women's session was incredible!!!
Love you all! 
Hermana Brinton

3.21.17 - Primera Cambios en el Campo!


Okay, so we had transfers today, and guess who I'm with?! That's right, Hermana Can from Cuernavaca. She is such an angel! I loved our one day together back in January, and I'm super excited to actually get to work with her for reals this time haha. 
We're doing great here in our little area of Sauces! We contacted lots of people this last week, like lots and lots. and we have new investigators! I love when we have new investigators. Because it means we get to teach! And the lessons are always my favorite :) We have a lot of people to contact this coming week as well.  All in all, the work is coming along great, and I feel like I'm becoming more and more the missionary that my Heavenly Father wants me to be.  I feel like I'm learning more and more each day and it's wonderful! I'm grateful for the time I had with Hermana Rosales, and all that I learned from her. And I'm excited to get to learn even more with my new companion.  
Every day I'…

3.14.17 - There is Sunshine in My Soul Today

Buenas tardes mi familia!! Y amigos! :) 

I hope all of you are doing splendidly. This past week, lots happened and I'm so excited to tell you all about it, but I don't have a ton of time so buckle your seat belts. It's probably going to be a little rough. 
We found some new people to teach, and the lessons went awesome. They didn't come to church though, so that was pretty sad. Because of the area we were teaching in, there were lots and lots and lots of bugs. Don't worry mom, I always wear lots of bug spray, but the little nasties here are pretty persistent.... and that's what happened with my legs. Nothing poisonous bit me (that I'm aware of hahaha) and I feel fine so no worries :) My legs are "muy fayo" as of this point with the bites they left me with.  One of the ones on my ankle is from a spider btw. But I'm happy and we're doing awesome here! 
This is my last week of the 12 week program they have for us to do in the field, which mea…

03.07.17 - Acts of Service

Hello everyone! 

How are you all doing?? I hope you´re all doing well and having a wonderful week :)

This past week was a little slower, but we still learned lots! We had ward conference on Sunday, and we have lots of new changes coming up in the first couple weeks in April.  We have a family preparing to go to the temple in April as well and we are so excited!! I love getting to spend time with them and share with them the messages of eternal families.  They´re getting more excited the closer it gets as well. :) We´re all super happy :) 
One day while we were walking to one of our appointments, I was thinking in a way that no good missionary thinks, of myself! And as I was doing this, and thinking of pains and challenges that I was having in the moment, the spirit spoke to my heart, and taught me something that I´ll never forget: 
We all have challenges, and burdens, and pains and sorrows.  And it´s normal to think of ourselves in these moments, but how beautiful is it when we can tur…

02.27.17 - Divisions, Hospital, and Mountains to Climb

Hello Everyone!!! 

This last week was pretty awesome. So much happened!
On Tuesday, we had divisions with our leaders of our area. We got to work in their area with them for the day have a "sleep over" and then head back to our area the following morning. It was super fun, and a really spiritual experience.  We did lots of contacting, and moving from place to place, but I want to share one of the experiences I had with one of the families. 
We were teaching a partial member family (which means that some of the family members are members of the church and others aren't.) and especially the mom. We shared a video "Good things to come" about never giving up, and putting our faith in the Lord. Super awesome video and I love it tons.  After we shared the video, my companion for the day, Hermana Espinoza was sharing her thoughts and testimony and a part of her conversion story, and as she was sharing this, I reflected on my own conversion.  I felt almost at a disadva…