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02.27.17 - Divisions, Hospital, and Mountains to Climb

Hello Everyone!!! 

This last week was pretty awesome. So much happened!

On Tuesday, we had divisions with our leaders of our area. We got to work in their area with them for the day have a "sleep over" and then head back to our area the following morning. It was super fun, and a really spiritual experience.  We did lots of contacting, and moving from place to place, but I want to share one of the experiences I had with one of the families. 

We were teaching a partial member family (which means that some of the family members are members of the church and others aren't.) and especially the mom. We shared a video "Good things to come" about never giving up, and putting our faith in the Lord. Super awesome video and I love it tons.  After we shared the video, my companion for the day, Hermana Espinoza was sharing her thoughts and testimony and a part of her conversion story, and as she was sharing this, I reflected on my own conversion.  I felt almost at a disadvantage being raised in the gospel, because I didn't have a life changing "this is the truth" moment like most of the missionaries here. My conversion has always been smaller moments, but moments that I can't deny the truth of the gospel. And moments that I can see where my life changed a little bit for the better as my knowledge increased. And then one experience in particular came to mind... or a series of experiences similar to this one. and it was perfect timing because that was exactly when Hermana Espinoza looked at me to share my thoughts about the video.  (Side note: I love teaching, because it's not only an opportunity for our investigators to learn, but it's also an opportunity for the spirit to testify to, and through us as missionaries. And it is incredible.)

I shared my thoughts, and then the experience that came to mind.  I love the video so much and the spirit that I feel every time I watch it.  The experience came to mind when I was trying to decide on a mission, and what things my Heavenly Father wanted for me after graduating high school... I honestly had no idea what to do.  And I remember kneeling down by my bed one night when I was home alone, and I remember pouring out my heart to my Heavenly Father, asking what he wanted me to do. Which path he wanted me to choose. And if he would help me to have the faith to know, the ears to listen, and the strength to do what he asked.  In this moment, I could feel the Holy Ghost fill my heart, and tell me that I already knew the answer. I already knew what I needed to do. But that he would help me, and that I would have the guidance I needed to do it.  I could feel the love that my Heavenly Father has for me as his daughter, and I wanted in that moment, to share that with everyone that would listen to me. And that's why I'm here, to help others feel, and know of the love that our Heavenly Father has for them.  
Divisions were awesome, and I am so grateful for all that I learned in their area :)

As for the hospital. Hermana Rosales the night of divisions got bit by something, and the next day we went to the hospital because she still felt aweful.  She's feeling lots better now, but her body is still trying to recooperate.  Also, I didn't realize how much I took hospitals in america for granted. Those 3 hours in the mexican hospital was motivation enough for me to force my body to never get sick enough to return. That's all Im going to say about that hahaha. It was pretty bad. 

This morning, we had an activity as a zone in a different part of our zone, and it was bomb! We did a little hiking, but mostly just enjoyed the beauty of the area we were in :) 
Here are pictures!! :)

I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week!!! 
Les amo! :) 
Hermana Brinton


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