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03.07.17 - Acts of Service

Hello everyone! 

How are you all doing?? I hope you´re all doing well and having a wonderful week :)

This past week was a little slower, but we still learned lots! We had ward conference on Sunday, and we have lots of new changes coming up in the first couple weeks in April.  We have a family preparing to go to the temple in April as well and we are so excited!! I love getting to spend time with them and share with them the messages of eternal families.  They´re getting more excited the closer it gets as well. :) We´re all super happy :) 

One day while we were walking to one of our appointments, I was thinking in a way that no good missionary thinks, of myself! And as I was doing this, and thinking of pains and challenges that I was having in the moment, the spirit spoke to my heart, and taught me something that I´ll never forget: 

We all have challenges, and burdens, and pains and sorrows.  And it´s normal to think of ourselves in these moments, but how beautiful is it when we can turn outwards and think of others and how we can serve them.  

After we returned to the house that evening, I shared this with my companion, and I remembered something that Elder Bednar shared in an address to the missionaries. He was talking about characteristics of Christ, and how he never thought of himself.  Even when he was on the cross, he asked for forgiveness for those that caused him so much pain... Jesus Christ is the perfect example of love and selflessness. I want to invite all of you to follow his example this week, and do an act of service for someone in need.

I love you all so much and am so grateful for you!! 

Con todo mi corazón,

Hermana Brinton

Making Tortillas


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