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01.16.17 - Changes!

Hello everyone!! 

I hope all of you are doing splendidly. I'm doing wonderful! I´m loving my mission so much! I love the people, I love the food, I love the mountains we have to climb everyday. The literal ones, and the spiritual ones.  I am so grateful for this sacred time for me to learn, grow, and teach. Inviting others to come to Christ has been so incredible, because everyday we do it, my relationship with my Father in Heaven grows more and more. 

Changes! So last night, we got a phone call from our AP, and he let us know that we are having changes. I don´t know why, but I´m moving areas. I´m headed back up to Cuernavaca with some other missionaries. When I get more details, I let you all know why haha :) 
This last week was an awesome one! Lots of teaching, and lots of growing. We also discovered that my companion has low blood pressure, and bad circulation. So she needs to get some shots for it I guess... She´s been complaining of her arms and legs feeling tingly, so we called…

01.09.17 - Mexican Hot Chocolate

Hello all!!

I hope all of you are doing wonderfully. I am doing great! It has been an awesome week and I have learned even more! It's so awesome having a native as a companion, because my Spanish is improving a little bit more and more every day. Or she's just able to understand what I'm trying to say and it's actually getting worse. Not sure ;) haha. But it's been an awesome week! 
We had one of our investigators come to church this week!! YAY!!! Her name is Areli Avila and she is a doll. She's 14 years old, and has 3 dogs and 2 cats. And she loves church! So that's super exciting. I also got to teach someone about the Book of Mormon, IN ENGLISH. I don't know why cause he spoke Spanish, but he was fluent in English too and wanted to hear about it in English. It was so weird.  Probably the most words I've said in eng. here the entire time I've been here. He was a street contact, so we were standing in the street, but the Spirit was so strong!!! …

01.02.17 - Primera Semana en el Campo (First Week in the Mission)

Hoooooly guacamole. First week down peeps! I love it so much here!

First, a little bit about my companion. She is total angel. Her name is Hermana Rosales, she´s from El Salvador, first missionary in her family, and first member. She has such a huge heart, and has been out 5 months.  I love her so much!! Communicating with her can be difficult at times, but I´ve learned so much Spanish in the last week alone.  She is so patient with me, and is so happy to help me when I need it. We have grown so much together this last week, and I am looking forward to our many weeks ahead together. 
I´m in Chilpancingo, and it is huuuuge. Sorry mom, I told you it was small. It is in fact very very large. Our little area, Sauces, is small.  We´re in the mountains, más o menos, and our area is all hills. Basically I´ll be coming home with the calves of a mountain man. Woot woot.

My first day in the field was... ya know, I´m not entirely sure how to describe it. But I loved it. We got to the mission pre…

12.27.17 - In Cuernavaca Already!

December 27, 2016
Dear Brinton Family,
We are happy to let you know that your daughter has arrived safe and sound in the Mexico Cuernavaca Mission.  She has been assigned to serve in the Sauces area in the Chilpancingo Zone.  Her trainer is Sister Rosales. We are grateful to be able to serve with her in the work of the Lord. This will be a time of much service and work that will bring growth and learning for your daughter.  We hope that her experience here will strengthen her testimony and prepare her to be a good wife, mother and future leader in the church.  Her experiences in the mission field will contribute to her development as a faithful and righteous servant of the Lord. Your love and support will do much to lift and bless your missionary.  We hope you will write her regularly, encouraging her to do her best. Together with this letter you will find a picture that was taken the first day that Sister Brinton was with Sister Ávila and me.    We thank you for the love and support that y…