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5.8.17 - He Sends Blessings, He Sends Blessings

Hello All!!!! 

I hope you´re all doing wonderfully and enjoying every day! 

This last week, we had some pretty special experiences. We we´re talking to a less active this last week, who is also a returned missionary, and he gave us some awesome ideas for finding new people, and achieving our goal of a baptism every week.

One of the members of our ward lost her brother this last week in a horrible accident... and when we visited her, her sadness was apparent, but her testimony was shining like a light. I know that my testimony of the Plan of Salvation grew a mile in our visit with her, and I´m so grateful for the knowledge and testimony I have of it.

We´re finding new people each week, and we´re starting to work even more with the ward to keep the work moving forward.

We had a conference with our mission president yesterday about ward counsel and how we can work together better. We also had a change in the number of times our investigators need to attend church before they can be baptized. It was five before, and now it´s three. and if they´re really ready, it´s two!! I´m so excited to keep moving forward in the work of the Lord and finding those whom he is preparing for the message that we have. 

I´m sorry this is a little short, we didn't have a whole lot of time today with all that we had to do. 
I hope you all have a great week! Be safe, and follow the promptings of the Spirit that you receive :) 

Love you all to pieces! 


Hermana Brinton

With Hermana Can



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